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Kristy Hickson-Gerke


"This system still ranks number one in our book. My daughter has competed in several systems - including Nationals - but MAC is still her favorite. From the state/regional pageants to Nationals everything runs smoothly. Each contestant is treated as an individual and you can tell the staff cares that each contestant is comfortable. For that reason, and many others, this is a great system for a first-timer. The girls get more stage time than at most other pageants, even at Nationals. This is something that should not be overlooked. At other systems' national finale show all of a division's contestants might come out briefly and, after the semi-finalists are announced, are not to be seen on stage for the rest of the program. At its final show, MAC has every contestant do a second walk in formal wear and, after the top 15 semi-finalists are announced, everyone gets to come out again for a quick walk on the stage. At my daughter's first MAC Nationals at the age of 6, I can say that as a mom it was reassuring to see her smiling and waving even though she wasn't a semi-finalist. Finally, MAC has been generous with its prizes. Sure, some systems award more money, cruises, trips, etc., to the national queens (keep in mind those cruises and trips generally aren't free for the parent(s) ), but the trade off is that so many more go home with nothing. Most important is that MAC is a system that stands by its principles, and where age-appropriate really means something! Titles and prizes are not what defines the pageant experience. It should be about making friends, learning important life lessons, and having fun. MAC does just that!"

Leslee N.

"While at MAc state I found myself having fun. It really brought back the fun we had been missing in pageants. During the six years my daughter has been competing I have NEVER (but one instance) encountered such a professional production with staff who clearly cared about all the kids doing their best and feeling like winners. The consistency in prize packages, back drops and professionalism from state to state made me the most pleased. I didn't have to watch kids in other states get treated on a better scale, have better set up or a better prize package. The overal fairness of the company blew me away "

Virginia C.

"My girls have been with MAC Pageants for 3 years now. It has been amazing to see their growth in this family system. The staff are very approachable and friendly. My girls love competing and representing MAC Pageants! They look forward to Nationals every year. "