A great pageant weekend - we will back.
"This was our first year doing MAC. We are not new to pageants, but have not tried many systems over the years. We found our first experience with MAC to organized and family friendly. The weekend was fun and low stress. We knew where we needed to be and when. There was great communication. Things started on time. The staff was friendly and helpful. The photographers were outstanding. Seriously - the time spent with my daughter in every outfit and with her father in formal wear was amazing. My daughter was honored to walk away with a crown, but even before the finale said that she would do MAC again in the future because she really enjoyed herself. We can't wait for nationals. "
Bridget R.
Loved it
"We have been competing in a different pageant system for three years and we weren't very fond of it. We decided to try MAC and it was so much better. It was such a relaxing and fun weekend. You weren't rushing from competition to competition, they gave you time to chill out. The pageant staff treated us like family. By the end of the first competition, they knew us all by name. We will definitely be competing in this pageant system next year. Maybe even again this year for an out of state title!"
Dayna M.
Blown away seasoned mom
"While at MAc state I found myself having fun. It really brought back the fun we had been missing in pageants. During the six years my daughter has been competing I have NEVER (but one instance) encountered such a professional production with staff who clearly cared about all the kids doing their best and feeling like winners. The consistency in prize packages, back drops and professionalism from state to state made me the most pleased. I didn't have to watch kids in other states get treated on a better scale, have better set up or a better prize package. The overal fairness of the company blew me away "
Leslee N.
Well Organized and Run Events
"They tell you everything you need to know for their system! Highly recommend attending workshop. Great staff that made my daughter feel relaxed and enjoy the weekend!"
Krystal D.
Best pageants very very nice staff
"All the girls (3) had a lot of fun and only 1 competed we will always recommend others to go and National are so much fun my daughter has grown so much she we speak openly in front of others"
Lisa C.
"OUR WEEKEND WAS GREAT!!!! We meet some great friends and will be back.... The inspiring team that you have works well with the girls. It really shows that there are people out there who like to build up young ladies and there spirits"
Melissa R.
Happy to be in the MACpack
"Our whole family loves the Miss American Coed system. It's family friendly and fun and a great way for girls and young women to work on life skills, including poise, eye contact and speaking with adults. Everyone that we've met associated with this pageant has been friendly and helpful. Special shout out to pageant paparazzi for taking the burden of shooting good photos off my hands! "
Tracy R.
State Pageant is amazing!!
"I highly recommend the state pageant! The staff is amazing! My girls showcased their talents in a family friendly way!!"
Virginia C.
"Had a great and fun experience very well organized "
amy h.
A Fabulous Experience!
"My daughter loved her MAC Pageant weekend! She enjoyed meeting the other wonderful girls and left feeling confident and excited for the Nationals competition. Thank you to the MAC Pageant staff and Mrs. Patty Hawkins for this experience!"
Carol W.
Miss Colorado Teen
"I wish there would've been more contestants this year! Overall a great experience!"
Victoria D.
❤️MAC Pageant is amazing❤️
"I've been to serval of the MAC Pageants in Florida, and here in Texas and I love it. It's always awesome and I always have an amazing time the staff is always amazing and very nice to everyone, and most of all it's fun to compete even if you don't win anything. "
Kirsten K.
"Had a blast like always!! "
Autumn S.
First time competing mac
"It was well organized and a perfect production it's what pageants are about ... a family "
amy h.
Wonderful Experience!
"My girls have been with MAC Pageants for 3 years now. It has been amazing to see their growth in this family system. The staff are very approachable and friendly. My girls love competing and representing MAC Pageants! They look forward to Nationals every year. "
Virginia C.
Colorado Pageant
"We love our experience with MAC and we can't wait to go to nationals in November!!! Thank you to everyone who works for MAC and to all the queens for always making my daughter feel like a princess!!"
Jessica S.
Love it
"We loved it & we will be coming back"
Sabrina L.
Love the system
"It was great & we are definitely doing it again."
Sabrina L.
"So much more relaxed knowing i have photos and videos taken care of. Always love the quality too I receive:)"
Thank gd the helicopter parents have landed
"First.It was so relaxing not to worry and have people shove in front of me.S Second I finally got to see my child preform with out I pads and tripods every where..... Third.The photos are amazing.I f you are use to your phone for pictures you forget how amazing professional photos are. the price more than fair. They shoot each girl about the same number of times . Love them..It is a great service for the parents and for those in the audience who want the dignity of a live show without I pads and phone flashes "
j culley
Wonderful, family-friendly pageant
"We had a wonderful weekend at the Minnesota MAC pageant. The girls had so much fun meeting new friends! I have three daughters, two of them were old enough to compete and my youngest wasn't. I loved that the MAC pageant allowed the family to participate in the weekend. My youngest said "it was the best party ever!" We will most definitely compete again...don't miss out on this one...your entire family will enjoy it!"
Erin C.
Everyone was so helpful and
"Everyone was so helpful and nice. My daughter loved her first pageant! "
Natassia J.
Sweetheart preteen
"It was a fun weekend with the family.. Thanks to all the staff of the MAC for all.. For sure I'll do it again ☺"
Maria d.
"My daughter and my granddaughter both we in miss America coed pageants . Love this system it is the best. Years ago and now it's even better. Thanks Patty for putting on one great show. "
Hayley B
Awesome Pageant!!
"MAC Pageants became a part of my family’s lives 16 years ago when my daughter competed in the Sweetheart Division (Minnesota) and won her first Queen’s title. Since then, we’ve stayed connected and close to MAC Pageants, locally and nationally, and we’re so thankful to be a part of the MAC family. Like most parents, my husband and I were unsure about having our daughter compete in pageants, yet we ‘relented.’ In no time, our reservations were put to rest! Our experience then, and over the years, has been nothing short of wonderful, especially for my daughter! So, if you’re a parent that’s unsure about having your daughter involved with pageants, let me share……Yes, MAC Pageants really is all about family! Yes, they really do make every young girl feel special! Yes, the skills these young girls develop through interview, speaking, acting, etc, really do evolve into meaningful and useful ‘life’ skills! Thank you, MAC Pageants, especially Patty and Josh, for all that you and your pageant, have done to support the growth of my daughter into a well-rounded, talented and lovely young lady. If given the chance, we’d do it all again!"
Fran Rorman
MAC Pageant is not just a Pageant!
"Our daughter started pageants at 6 years old. we saw her confidence grow with each competition. We really preferred not to "paint her face" at such a young age and learned about MAC Pageants' age appropriate restrictions so we gave it a try. It turned out to be the best experience ever. We quickly learned that you weren't just competing in a pageant, you were joining a family. With the way the system is designed, the girls never competed against each other, they were competing against the judges. Everyone helps each other and cheers each other on, like family. Forgot you hair curlers, someone helps. Shoes broke, someone helps. Dress rips, someone helps. That's just how MAC families work. With so little of the score counting on physical beauty, girls are encouraged to grow, enhance and hone their inner beauty and strengths. Our daughter gained so many strengths from MAC that have helped her in achieving her dreams. She's continuing to succeed with the poise and confidence honed through MAC Pageants. We couldn't be more thankful or more proud! Because of MAC, we formed friendships and bonds with so many families that we will cherish forever. MAC is not just a pageant, it's a family!"
Kathryn Sajdak
Love Mac Pageants
"I did this Pageant as a child and I highly recommend this Pageant if your child has never done one before, do to the fact it is a very laid back pageant and they are very friendly."
Mary Niesen
An Experience not to be missed!
"This is truly an amazing system! My daughter started as a little princess with her entire family in tow. She made friends and had fun while learning how to succeed in life at the same time. She learned how to interview, speak publicly and present herself with poise and grace. She made friends, we made friends. Many of which are still a part of our lives today. We spent 10 years with MAC, making family memories and watching our daughter grow into a confident and happy young woman, ready to take on the world. The skills she learned through competing at MAC are priceless. She is successfully completing her second year of college and is involved in so many organizations. She got her foundation to succeed in the world with the help and support of MAC and their caring staff. Her first college roommate was a girl she met through MAC at age 8! My daughter had such fond memories of her years at MAC with the staff, her friends and her family that she asked to be on staff the past 2 years. She wanted to help other young girls have the same experiences she did and for them to walk away knowing the crown was not the ultimate prize, but that the friendships made and experiences offered were what they would truly remember and build a foundation for a successful future from. As parents we can only teach our children so much, some things they just have to do for themselves, and MAC allows that to happen!"
Darcey Howe
Time of your life for family and daughter!
"When our daughters were very young, my wife had this “idea” that it would be good for our daughters to be in pageants. As a football guy, and a man, I had a stereotype that this was a very bad idea. But, the convincing thing my wife said was they would gain experience in public speaking and interviewing. As a businessman, I knew these skills were invaluable. We went through several pageant systems and, quite frankly, our daughters were successful in all of them. But my wife told me about one system that really seemed attractive to our youngest daughter. But, it would require our family to spend Memorial Day weekend in Orlando. And, if our daughter won, we would spend the entire week of Thanksgiving in Orlando. I thought she had lost her mind! Those were precious holidays! But I decided not to fight the women, and attend a pageant that precious Memorial Day. My wife had met a bunch of great women on a blog before we even arrived. From the moment we checked in to the hotel it was like a family reunion! That first day I met a few of the “competitor’s” fathers, and today they remain some of my best friends! I think that my commitment to MAC came the second day when our family was on a bus to Disney. We talked to several girls who were older than our daughter. We saw, first hand, how these girls were so poised, classy, confident and genuinely loving. We knew we needed to call this pageant system “home". You will have the time of your life for family and daughter!"
Vince Nowell