What's your favorite color? Patty's Pageant Pointers

What's your favorite color? Patty's Pageant Pointers

And now the fun begins, let's go shopping!

Whether it's a soft pastel, a bold jewel tone, or an elegant shade of white, your gown should make you feel like a queen!
MAC Pageant contestants have won titles in practically every color of the rainbow, so don't be apprehensive while making a color selection.

What is a pastel?

Pastel colors are delicate and soft-hued. Examples are sky blue, blush pink, lavender and mint green. Pastel gowns are always popular and very pretty. If you are considering a pastel colored gown, be careful to select a shade that won't make you look washed out under the stage lights.

What are shades of white?

Ivory, cream, egg shell, and of course, true white are examples of the many shades of white. White is almost always one of the most popular color choices for gowns. White gowns can be simple and elegant, allowing the wearer to truly shine.

What are jewel tones?

As the name suggests, jewel tones resemble many of the most popular gemstones. Examples are amethyst purple, ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green. Jewel tone gowns are bold and demand self-assurance from the wearer. If you are considering a jewel tone gown, be careful to select a color that doesn't over power your beauty and confidence.

Which color is right for me?

There is an enormous amount of information available regarding which colors look best on girls and young women with particular hair and eye colors, skin complexions and even skin undertones. The information can be fun to read and may help you with your selection process. At MAC Pageants we would like you to keep this most important detail in mind; it is difficult to appear beautiful and confident in a gown that doesn't make you feel beautiful and confident. So don't stress! When you find the right gown, in the right color, it will show on both your face and in the way you carry yourself.

We are always on call!

Just can't decide or need advice or encouragement? Email, direct message or call the pageant office! We have a team of experienced pageant professionals who love to help. You may even email pictures to ask our opinion! We are waiting to hear from you!

Make your day MACtastick!

Patty Hawkins
National Director
MAC Pageants

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