2018 Miss American Coed Hostess

  • 2018 Miss American Coed Hostess

2018 Miss American Coed Hostess

Madison Thomas, Ohio


Hello! My name is Madison and I love to see the good in everything! I wake up every morning excited for the day ahead because I have a lot of activities planned out no matter what, especially during school. Some of those activities include cross country, student council, broadcasting and chess club. I am also a middle school cheerleader! Cheerleading is my greatest passion and I love to learn new tricks every practice. When I am not in school, I volunteer at my local library because I love the people there and the atmosphere of it all.

Advice for young girls

You need to work hard for what you believe in. When I started pageants three years ago, I thought it was going to be easy to win each pageant. I ended up being wrong, not even placing in most pageants. But, last year, I stepped up my game. I became serious about pageants and started getting into pageant coaching. One thing my coach motivated me to do was to enter many optionals and do as many things for the pageant as I possibly could. This is how I got my Hostess title. Ever since then, I have been doing better in my coaching and feel more confident in myself. Without taking things to the next level, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my title. It is important to note that things never just get handed to you and you have to show that you want it.

Favorite thing about MAC

As soon as you enter the MAC system, you are instantly treated like family. The staff there are outstanding and treat you as if you are the only person who is present. Others competing in the pageant are also really nice. This is the pageant to go to if you want to make new friends. Last year was my first year with the MAC system and was appointed Miss Texas preteen to go to nationals. I have a lot of family in Texas and it was a true honor to represent the state. I now have been named Miss Ohio Jr. Teen and am excited to go to nationals this year!

Three words to describe how it felt to hear your name called as winner

A magical moment!

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