MAC Pageants State Competitions

Dreams Do Come True and This is Where They Start!™

MAC Pageants, personal growth with a dash of glitter! Join the fun and excitement of competing in a friendly, family oriented environment with girls from all over your state.

Our focus is completely on our contestants having the time of their lives while building poise and self-confidence! Kids are Kids, Teens are Teens, and Coeds are Coeds at MAC Pageants.

Our State Pageants listed below are already scheduled! If you would like to compete at one of these events just click on your state for specific information about your MAC Pageant!

Florida                                 Texas                                  Colorado

Pennsylvania                      Louisiana                            Arizona

Kansas                                Oklahoma                          New Mexico

Missouri                              Arkansas                            Utah


 If our pageant for your state is not scheduled yet, be sure to join our mailing list so you will be automatically notified as soon as the date and location are set.

For general information about our State MAC Pageants, including the categories of competition, please visit our MAC Competition Info Page!

Age Divisions are based on the contestant’s age on Jan. 1, 2017
Princess: 3-6
Sweetheart: 7-9
Preteen: 10-12
Junior Teen: 13-15
Teen: 16-18
Coed: 19-22

MAC Pageant State Queens Competitions

MAC Pageants Wisconsin State Queen Stephanie Derr

The contestant with the highest score in each age division will be crowned
the MAC Pageant Overall State Queen. She will receive the prize package
listed below.

. $500 cash award*
. $300 travel allowance to the National MAC Pageant
. A specially designed crown, banner and trophy
. Opportunities to travel to any MAC Pageant as Visiting Royalty during
their reign

*If there are fewer than five contestants from one state in an age division,
the MAC Pageant Overall State Queen will receive a $500 credit to Nationals
in lieu of a cash award.

On pageant weekend, all contestants compete for the MAC Pageants title for their state. Contestants are scored on poise and appearance in formal dress, personal introduction and appearance in interview outfit, personality during the interview and overall impression during pageant finals. The state pageant winner is required and the queen’s court members are eligible to compete for the National MAC Queen’s Title. The National MAC Pageant will be held Thanksgiving week at the Hilton Orlando-Lake Buena Vista, Walt Disney World. You may find more detailed information on these contests in MAC State Newsletter #1.

All contestants will be scored in the following categories:

• 1/4 Poise and Appearance in Eveningwear

• 1/4 Poise and Personality in Interview

• 1/4 Personal Introduction (20 seconds) and Appearance in Interview Outfit

• 1/4 Overall Appearance during Pageant Finals

Poise and Appearance in Eveningwear with escorts:

Judges will score contestants on poise and appearance as each contestant is escorted on stage in eveningwear. This is a formal event for contestants and escorts. No cameras will be allowed in the ballroom.

Personal Introduction and Appearance in Interview Outfit:

Each contestant will introduce herself to the panel of judges before interviews, giving her name, hometown and a few things she wants the judges to know about herself. Introductions may last up to twenty seconds and will be timed. Contestants are encouraged to use the full twenty seconds. The contestant’s age should not be included in her introduction.

Poise and Personality in Interview:

A panel of judges will interview each contestant. This is done in a one-on-one format. Each contestant will spend a few moments with each judge individually. She will be asked questions she can easily answer. She will not be asked questions about politics, religion, dating, etc. Judges will not score contestants on what they know but on their poise, personality, appearance and self-confidence.

Overall Impression during Pageant Finals:

All contestants will say their introduction and model their eveningwear on stage while the judges are making their final decisions.