2018 Miss Florida Junior Teen

  • 2018 Miss Florida Junior Teen

2018 Miss Florida Junior Teen

Gretchen Wilson, Florida


A sixteen year old from Ormond Beach Florida, Gretchen Is best described as compassionate, accepting, and bubbly. In her freshman year of highschool she was bullied and now attends online school, but she used that to inspire her. Now doing online school she able to spend more time doing what she loves like volunteering and twirling baton. Knowing how being bullied made her feel she wondered how others felt, especially people who are disabled and could be often bullied to no fault of their own. She now one day hope to create a baton team for younge girls and boys that may be mentally or physically disabled and building teamwork skills and a feeling of belonging.

Advice for Young Girls

Don’t let people get to you. You may be underestimated or put down throughout your life but you need to use that to fuel your fire, not put it out.

Favorite Thing About MAC

I love the emphasis on inner beauty and how you don’t need makeup to be beautiful. 

Three Words That Describe How It Felt When She Won

Amazing, exciting, and unbeliveable.

Social Media Handles

Facebook: Gretchen Wilson

Instagram: gretchenwilsonn

Snapchat: gew13

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